Our Story

Our brand story began with a challenge to the traditions of the furniture industry. Trends Sofa was created out of our desire to be a trendsetter in furniture. With the support of many Scandinavian designers, we have bravely broken the mold of the expensive and outdated, bringing a unique and original freshness to the furniture industry.

Our design philosophy runs through every product, with the principle of uniqueness in design. Each piece of furniture contains a unique interpretation of beauty, making it the highlight of the space, adding a chic and exquisite to your living room.

Comfort is the primary consideration of our products. We understand that furniture is not just a form, but a combination of practicality and comfort. Therefore, we select the materials and processes to ensure that each piece of product comfort, so that you feel the ultimate in the use of cozy.

High quality is what our brand insists on. We are uncompromising in our choice of materials to ensure the durability and superior quality of each piece of furniture. From the construction to the details, we are rigorous in our control to ensure that you have a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

We firmly believe that quality design should not come with a sky-high price tag. Therefore, we strive to present you with high quality furniture at an affordable price. Unlike traditional furniture brands, Trends Sofa utilizes a direct manufacturing model that feeds cost savings directly back to you, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of high quality furniture at a more affordable price.

Our products are suitable for all kinds of spaces, whether it's a spacious living room, a cozy bedroom or an office with a unique style, you will find the most suitable choice. We hope that each piece of furniture can become a part of your life, and witness every cozy moment with you.

As time goes by, we would like to walk with you through every wonderful moment of furniture and life. May the Trends Sofa brand become part of your home and witness every cozy moment in your life.