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Classical Upholstered Modular Sectional

Classical Upholstered Modular Sectional

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This classical modular sofa allows for endless configuration options, helping you create a unique homestyle tailored to your needs. Its resistant material ensures it stands up to the test of changing life, for a lasting and timeless look.

Its adjustable backrest allows you to customize your sitting experience, allowing for optimal ease and coziness. Enjoy endless possibilities: slide, recline, or find your perfect position. Snuggle up and enjoy!


The Sofa is filled with premium high-density foam for superior comfort and support. Its soft yet resilient design allows it to maintain its shape, providing perfect balance and comfort.


The back cushion is engineered with high-quality down feathers, giving supportive comfort while giving an incredibly soft and relaxed feel. Its comfortable layer gives unbeatable relief from stress and fatigue.


Upholstered in a soft fabric, it cradles you in unparalleled comfort. Its delicate velvety surface exudes a soothing, vintage charm. Sophisticated, breathable, and elegant, this comfortable couch is the ideal choice for a truly special living space.

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