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Qhitty Ash Rattan Woven Sideboard

Qhitty Ash Rattan Woven Sideboard

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This Qhitty Rattan Sideboard is crafted from natural white wax wood, perfect for adding a natural and organic feel to your space. With its durable construction, this is a sideboard that can provide years of service.

This Qhitty Rattan Sideboard offers a unique blend of style and breathability. Its high-end design and natural rattan construction provide your space with a delightful aesthetic while its open weave ensures air circulation. Enjoy modern sophistication with practicality!

It features a smooth, polished finish without any burrs, providing an ideal texture and aesthetic. Its design is both aesthetically pleasing and durable, offering an elegant piece of furniture that can withstand wear and tear.

Its solid wood legs and rattan frame that is both strong and durable. Its rustic design brings elegant charm to any room while its robust construction makes it an ideal piece of furniture.


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