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Wabi-Sabi L Shaped Sectional

Wabi-Sabi L Shaped Sectional

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Unlock some serious relaxation with the Turn Sofa! Its unexpected width and deep seating makes it ideal for lounging and taking a nap - giving you the freedom to switch up your posture any way. 

A moveable chase

The turn sofa is the perfect solution for any space. Featuring a moveable chase, it allows you to choose between left or right placement to suit your individual requirements. Easily adjust to customize your perfect setup.

Three-dimensional woven fabric

Our sofa is upholstered with high-quality three-dimensional knitted fabric and features waterproof and stain-resistant properties, making it a practical and stylish addition to any home.

Gift of 6 pillows

Say goodbye to sore backs and necks and rejoice in Turn sofa's 6 lovingly crafted pillows of varying sizes! From comforting back support to a gentle hug for your neck and waist,  Your body will thank you!

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